Ultra Calming Serum Panthenol and Cica for skin hydration

Korean Ultra Calming Serum Concentrate for Sensitive Skin

We brings you introduce our latest innovation the ‘Ultra Calming Serum‘ formulated the benefits of Panthenol and Cica, to transform your skincare routine.

BrandGlowy Nā€™ Glassy
Serum ingredientsPanthenol and Cica
Item FormSerum
PurposeSkin Brightening and Anti Aging
  • Infused with Panthenol and Cica
  • Give your skin the best turnover
  • Skin hydration
  • Hydrating benefits of Centella and Vitamin B5
  • 30ml serum botle

Our Ultra Calming Serum is a game changer in the beauty industry, combining Panthenol with Cica to trigger skin cell regeneration for healthy glowing skin and dehydration to sensitivity. This serum will solve all your skin problems, strengthening the skin barrier and dramatically increasing its resiliency. It includes panthenol, Ā B5 provitamin that penetrates deep into the skin tissues, providing intense hydration and calming effects that leave your skin feeling plump and Cica renowned healing powers, targets inflammation, irritation and resulting in a smoother even skin.

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Ultra Calming Serum is not just skincare product, it is an experience that perfectly aligns with your skin natural process and keeps your skin looking young and healthy while visibly reducing signs of ageing and environmental damage. This serum works by combining Panthenol with Cica to speed up the healing process and strengthen the skin barrier and helping it retain moisture. This serum is perfect for even the toughest skin types and is carefully formulated to work immediately to reduce discomfort and making it easy to incorporate into your daily routine. You will see a dramatic change in the texture, colour and overall health of your skin. It also addresses a wide range of skin issues, making Ultra Calming serum an essential tool for glowing and youthful skin. The formula is so light that it easily penetrates and leaves no sticky residue, just a smooth and soft canvas.

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Ultra Calming Serum

5 thoughts on “Ultra Calming Serum Panthenol and Cica for skin hydration

  1. I have red sensitive skin from time to time and sometimes i wish to find a cure for it. It was amazing serum that to do soothe the skin and reduce the redness.

  2. I love the way it soaks into my skin and absorbs. It has a calming effect and does not irritate my skin. I love the feel of it on my skin for a longer time and it is pricey.

  3. This is the only skin soothing product that i have used because i have sensitive skin šŸ™ i have notice that it is very runny and i realized that i always shake the bottle to mix before using. The fragrance is very light and natural.

  4. Hey there, i have buy this ultra calming serum from glowynglassy and almost finished using it. I also suffer from rosacea but this has helped me well.

  5. My skin is very sensitive reactive and reddish. I were always finding best product that soothe my skin and i found ultra serum that work for me. The scent is very nice and help much with the redness and sensitivity.

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