Korean Ultra Calming Serum: Panthenol + Cica 30ml

Korean Ultra Calming Serum

Korean Ultra Calming Serum with the calming benefits of Panthenol and Centella

The Korean Ultra Calming Serum with Panthenol & Cica is the most popular serum for soothing and hydrating skin. Easy to use 30ml bottle, Korea best selling skincare brand has expertly formulated a formula that delivers intense hydration and good by to dry/ irritated skin. The hydrating properties of panthenol are well known that attracts moisture to your skin and keeps it moisturized throughout the day. Cica (centella asiatica) enhances the anti inflammatory properties of the serum by stimulating healing which make it suitable for sensitive or damaged skin. As by combining Panthenol with Cica this serum not only rebuilds the skin barrier but also provides protection from everyday environmental factors and keeping your skin looking fresh and strong.

Properties of this Glowy N’s Glassy Serum

This ultra calm serum is lightweight structure that absorbs easily without leaving a sticky residue which makes it ideal for your morning and evening skincare routine. A lot of satisfied users say that this serum helps to reduce redness discomfort and they attribute their smoother skin texture and clearer skin to this Korean invention. This ultra calming serum have soothing and moisturizing properties and the formula is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. The Korean Ultra Calming Serum containing Panthenol & Cica represents the brand dedication to developing skincare products that combine traditional healing herbs with cutting edge science. This serum is for anyone who wants to get their skin back in balance while taking advantage of the latest Korean skin care technology. Step into a world of calm with Korean Ultra Calming Serum, your gateway to smoother and more radiant skin. Rejuvenate your skin with the gentle power of this Serum that Infused with Panthenol and Cica that offers unparalleled soothing and healing.

Korean Ultra Calming Serum: Panthenol + Cica 30ml

3 thoughts on “Korean Ultra Calming Serum: Panthenol + Cica 30ml

  1. This ultra calm serum is very useful for managing my rosacea flare ups without damaging my skin further. It can also be used as a base for a light moisturizer.

  2. This ultra calming serum is ideal for irritated and sensitive skin that delivers immediate relief. My skin absorbs the product and my redness diminishes over a few days.

  3. This is an amazing serum that soothes the skin and helps me stay balanced and also keeps my sensitive skin moisturized now during this season. I do not think to live without this serum 🙂

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